Our Top Money-Saving Tips for Finding Your Perfect Bridal Gown

Our Top Money-Saving Tips for Finding Your Perfect Bridal Gown

As wedding season approaches and with the talk of the town being about "cost of living pressures", many brides-to-be are looking for their dream gown without breaking the bank. With the average cost of a wedding dress reaching thousands of dollars, finding ways to save money while shopping for a bridal gown has become a top priority for budget-conscious brides. Fortunately, there are several savvy strategies that can help brides find their perfect dress without sacrificing quality or style and Archela Bridal is renown for providing budget friendly gowns that don't sacrifice quality. Here are our best ways to save money when shopping for your bridal gown:

1. Set a Realistic Budget

Before beginning your dress hunt, establish a clear and realistic budget. This will help you narrow down your options and prevent you from falling in love with a gown that is beyond your price range. Remember to include any alterations, accessories, and taxes in your budget as well.


2. Sample Sales and Trunk Shows

Look out for our sample sales and trunk shows. Sample sales often offer significantly discounted dresses that have been tried on by other brides but are still in excellent condition. Trunk shows frequently feature the latest collections and offer special discounts for orders placed during the event.

3. Shop Off-Season

Buying your gown during the off-season can lead to substantial savings. Giving yourself extra time to purchase your wedding gown, allows us to offer our Brides longer Lay-by terms and payment plans.  Shopping off-season may require planning ahead, but it can be well worth it in terms of cost savings.

4. Opt for Simple Designs

Intricate beadwork, elaborate embroidery, and extravagant fabrics can quickly escalate the cost of a wedding dress. Choosing a simpler design can often lead to more budget-friendly options while still looking stunning. Additionally, adding your personal touch through accessories can elevate the overall look without the same expense.



5. Don't look for a one-of-a-kind, custom gown or try to change the design during Alterations

As a general rule, the more work that is done the more expensive your alterations.  Try to keep to the vision of the Designer and not change the style of your dress to ensure you don't have an expensive alterations bill at the end of the process.  While some alterations are usually required to ensure a perfect fit, our dressmakers can often offer alternative ways to complete the alterations which may allow a simpler alteration to be done.  Talk to your dressmaker and your Bridal Stylist when choosing a gown, and they can definitely suggest styles that will require less alterations than others.


6. Be open about your Budget with your Bridal Stylist

At Archela Bridal, we always want to make sure we are finding dresses you want to love.  This includes making sure we are only showing you gowns that fall within your budget.  We offer some incredible Designersthat have stunning gowns, with exceptional quality at all price points,  and we are happy to work with the budget your are comfortable with.  Too often we hear a bride tell us they have no budget, or they want to try on a gown "just for fun" and this is not helpful for the Bride.  It is not a good feeling to fall in love with a dress outside of your budget so we always recommend being honest with us about your expectations, and that way we can ensure your experience isn't one of disappointment but filled only with joy.


By following these tips and being creative in your approach, finding a beautiful bridal gown within your budget is entirely achievable. Remember, a wedding dress should make you feel confident, happy, and ready to embark on your new journey with your partner, regardless of the price tag. Happy dress hunting!

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