Custom Order Conditions of Purchase Contract and Lay-By Terms


  1. I confirm the dress size and measurements detailed on my Tax Invoice are correct and agreed to.
  2. I confirm and understand my gown has been ordered from a Ready to Wear
    Collection and the size I am ordering is a Standard Size closest to my
    measurements at the time of order. I confirm this has been discussed with me and in accordance with the measurements taken and the Designer’s size chart at the time of order. I confirm this is not a couture order made specifically to my measurements.
  3. I understand that this purchase is a special order and if there are any changes in my size, measurements, colour or style from the original details on my Tax Invoice and a new item is required, Bride’s Selection reserves the right to charge a 50% restocking fee to order a new item.


  1. Lay-bys must be fully paid for within 5 months of the purchase date. Your purchase date is noted on your Tax Invoice.
  2. Each month, a minimum monthly payment must be made. This payment amount is specified on your Tax Invoice. If you require an alternative payment arrangement this must be requested in writing and approved by our General Manager.


6. Archela Bridal has provided an estimated delivery date on the Tax Invoice. This date is an estimation only and is subject to change based on Manufacturer, Supplier and Freight variations. Bride’s Selection works with all parties to ensure your gown has arrived in time for your specified event date at the time of your order, unless affected by Clause 19 (b).


  1. A try-on appointment and collection of your gown must take place within 2 weeks of our notification that your gown has arrived.
  2. Gowns must be paid for in full prior to your try on appointment. Any Alteration appointment cannot take place until your gown has been paid for in full.


  1. Any modifications and special requests or personal preferences to the fit of your gown can be done in Alterations and discussed with our Dressmakers.
  2. All alterations are charged for and in addition to the cost of the goods.
  3. Hem lengths on all dresses are order standard and you may require your dress hem length to be altered dependent on your height, whether or not you choose to wear a hoop or petticoat and your choice of shoes. As every person’s requirements are different, hem length adjustments are considered alterations and are charged for in addition to the cost of the gown.
  4. Any alterations price guidelines given by your stylist during your appointments are not quotations and are provided to you as a general guide only. Alteration requests and requirements vary greatly from person to person and it is impossible to give specific quotes until our dressmaker has seen you in your actual ordered gown and discussed your specific requests, preferences and requirements.


  1. Lay-bys and purchases will not be credited or exchanged and no refunds will be made if you simply change your mind or make a wrong decision.
  2. No refund or exchange will be made on any reduced price goods or sale items. All Sale items are sold at the condition they are in and any requests for changes will be charged for and in addition to the sale price of the goods.


  1. All cancellations must be made in writing and by the person named on the Tax Invoice.
  2. Cancellation of this contract, regardless of whether goods have been ordered, will incur a minimum 25% cancellation fee.
  3. Cancellation of this contract after goods have been ordered will incur a minimum 60% cancellation fee.
  4. Once goods arrive in store they cannot be cancelled. No refund is payable. Goods must be paid for and collected, within 2 weeks of notification your goods have arrived.


19. Archela Bridal may cancel the lay-by agreement if:

  1. a)  the customer has missed more than two consecutive scheduled monthly payments and alternative payment schedules havenot been requested or authorised in writing. The above cancellation fees will apply.
  2. b)  the goods are no longer available or cannot be delivered due to circumstances outside of Bride’s Selection control. In this instance, Bride’s Selection, will give the customer a full refund of any deposit and any subsequent paid layby amounts.